Chief Baumgarten is originally from Michigan. He holds Colorado Division of Fire (CDFPC) Certifications: Firefighter 1, 2: Hazmat  Operations: First Responder: Driver/Operator: Fire Instructor 1: Fire Officer 1.
He is Ice Rescue certified as well as a wild land firefighter ll. He also serves as a state fire proctor.
He loves the fire service. The crew calls him the "working Chief". He leads by example from the front.  His "other" job (besides husband and father) is as a heavy truck mechanic for his business: B.E.A.R (Baumgarten Emergency Apparatus Repair). He works on our and other departments fire apparatus.

Assistant Chief Mulder started the department in 2007. He has 3 kids and is a local, born and raised. His grandfather was once the Fire Chief of HSSP Fire and mayor of Hot Sulphur Springs. He holds Wild land Firefighter ll.  He is currently working on FF 1.

His "other" job (besides being a father of 3) is as an industrial mechanic for Henderson Mill. He also serves on the MERT team there. (Mine Emergency Rescue Team)

Captain Martin. AKA Bam Bam, grew up  in Craig, Colorado. He did a stint as a fire cadet at age 16 there . He holds CDFPC Certifications: Firefighter 1: Hazmat Operations : Driver/Operator. He is currently working on Firefighter 2. He is also Ice Rescue certified and wild land Firefighter ll.  His "other" job (besides husband and father) is at Henderson Mill. He also serves on the MERT team.

Lieutenant Russell is a from Morrison, Colorado.   She serves as H.S.S.P's Training Officer and Admin.  She is also a CDFPC Regional Proctor for the area as well as a member of the Colorado Fire Training Officers Association. Her passion for the fire service is undeniable. CDFPC certifications: Firefighter 1, 2: Hazmat Operations: Fire Instructor 1: 1403 Live Burn Instructor. She is currently working on Fire Officer 1 and Instructor 2. She also holds Wild Land Firefighter ll.   Her "other" job (besides wife and mom) is the owner of  a travel agency called  Gypsy Travel Company.


Firefighter Calhoun has  26 years with Hot Sulphur Fire. Her favorite thing to do is fight wild land fires. She is a mom and wife. She holds Colorado Division of Fire Certification in Emergency First Responder. She is also a Wildland Firefighter II red card holder. Her passion is climbing 14'ners and her family.

Firefighter Babcock has 13 years experience as a firefighter. He moved from Michigan to Hot Sulphur and joined our department. He was promoted to Lieutenant of the Parshall Station/crew. He has Colorado Division of Fire certifications in Firefighter 1, 2 : Hazmat Operations. Also Wild land Firefighter ll red card: Sawyer.  He stepped down as Lieutenant to take a paid full time firefighter job at another department. He still serves as a reserve firefighter for our department.

Firefighter Becker, aka  Hollywood, came to us by chance.. His room mate joined our department and told him to come check us out. His career goal then was to be in law enforcement. Once we got a hold of him, that was it. He is a natural firefighter. His career goal now is to go full time paid. He holds Colorado Division Of Fire Certifications in : Firefighter 1, 2: Hazmat Operations. He is also Ice rescue certified and wild land Firefighter ll.  His "other"job is a manager at ACE hardware.

Firefighter Hanlon, aka Mz.Hap is a stick of dynamite.  Herself and husband came to a training to see if it was something they might be interested in doing. Her husband decided against it, but Emily came back. She is currently in the process of obtaining her CDPFC Firefighter 1/Hazmat operations. She holds her wild land Firefighter ll and will soon be Ice rescue certified.  Her "other" job is that of a school teacher here in Grand County.

Fire Cadet Stein came to us in mid year 2016.  At the age of 16, he is more driven then most his age. He does not only fire but participates in law enforcement explorer programs. He is a quick study and eager to learn everything he can. We can not wait to see what his future holds. 

Firefighter Johnson, aka butterfly is very outgoing and friendly. He is a social butterfly (hence the name). He did some time with the Jefferson County Open Space division as a park ranger. He holds CDFPC Firefighter 1: Hazmat Operations. Wild land Firefighter ll and Ice rescue. His "other" job is as a sheriff with Grand County.

Firefighter Luchs came to HSSP fire this past year.  He is currently pursuing his Firefighter 1/Hazmat Ops state certification.  He holds wild land firefighter II red card.. He was a police officer in both Douglas and grand counties befroe coming over to the fire service.He has a great sense of humor and is always cracking everyone up. His wife Susan and him are amazing people. We are happy he is on our crew.

Firefighter Retzer came to  H.S.S.P Fire as a Fire cadet at the age of 16. When he was old enough, he went through the fire academy and now holds CDFPC certification: Firefighter 1: Hazmat Ops.  He is currently working on Firefighter 2. He holds Ice Rescue and Wild Land firefighter type ll.  His "other" job is as a industrial mechanic at Henderson Mill. He also serves on the MERT team there.

Reserve Captain Dixon...What can we say about Bill Dixon. He is on his 51st year with our department.  He has forgotten more then the rest of us even know about the fire service. He retired in 2015, but never really hung up his bunker coat. Along with his wife Carolyn, they donated the funds to replace the old station building in Parshall.  Station 2 is officially the Ellison/Dixon Station.  After Lt. Babcock stepped down to go full time at another department, Dixon asked for his pager back and stepped right back in to responding.

Reserve Firefighter Unruh, aka Wild land Ken.  Unruh is an amazing asset to have on the department. He is not only a great leader and structure fire fighter, but an exceptional wild land fire fighter. He holds many certifications in that arena. He is proud papa of 2 kids.