Firefighter Calhoun  Her favorite thing to do is fight wild land fires. She is a mom and wife and grandmother. She holds Colorado Division of Fire Certification in Emergency First Responder. She is also a Wildland Firefighter II red card holder. Her passion is climbing 14'ners and her family. Serving Since 1992

Reserve Captain Dixon...What can we say about Bill Dixon. He is on his 58th year with our department.  He has forgotten more then the rest of us even know about the fire service. He retired in 2015, but never really hung up his bunker coat. Along with his wife Carolyn, they donated the funds to replace the old station building in Parshall.  Station 2 is officially the Ellison/Dixon Station.  After Lt. Babcock stepped down to go full time at another department, Dixon asked for his pager back and stepped right back in to responding. Serving Since 1965

Firefighter Chris Conger   Chris spent comes to us with  2 1/2 years of past firefighter experience from many years ago. He is a a great person to have on the crew. He has a beautiful wife and 2 amazing kids. He is currently certified CDFPC/IFSAC FF 1 & 2/Hazmat ops. He holds Wild land FFT2 and is a FFT1 Trainee, S219 Firing Ops Trainee and Ice rescue certified. Serving Since 2018

Firefighter Travis Wood:   CDFPC/IFSAC certifications of  Firefighter 1/Hazmat ops & working on 2. He also holds wild land  Firefighter II, S219 Firing Ops Trainee and is Ice rescue certified . He responds out of the Parshall Station as part of the Parshall Engine Company with Captain Dixon. He is a rancher, father and husband. Serving Since 2018 

Firefighter Scott Parker Scott joined to give back to his community. He currently holds  is wild land FireFighter II Red Card and is a FFT1Trainee.  He is  working towards hiss CDFPC/IFSAC FF1 and Hazmat Ops.  Scott is a former professional Hockey Player for the Colorado Avalanche (Stanley cup winner) and the San Jose Sharks.  His wife wife Francesca and himself are amazing people and they also have a non profit to help our veterans  called Parkers Platoon.  Serving Since 2019

Firefighter Max Baumgarten: Joined 2021 Max joined our department in September of 2021. He obtained his wild land red card in October and is currently enrolled in CDFPC/IFSAC Hazmat Class. Once completed with that, he will start working on his Firefighter 1 certification. He grew up In Michigan and decided to move to Colorado to be a firefighter like his father.
We are happy to help him achieve his goal, and happy he is on our crew. His goal is to be a Firefighter Paramedic.  Serving since 2021




Chief Baumgarten is originally from Michigan. He holds Colorado Division of Fire (CDFPC & IFSAC) Certifications: Firefighter 1, 2: Hazmat  Operations: Emergency Medical First Responder: Driver/Operator: Fire Instructor 1: Fire Officer 1.
He is Ice Rescue certified as well as a wild land firefighter l and S231 Engine Boss Trainee. He also serves as a state fire proctor.
He loves the fire service. The crew calls him the "working Chief". He leads by example from the front.  His "other" job (besides husband and father) is as a heavy truck mechanic for his business: B.E.A.R (Baumgarten Emergency Apparatus Repair). He works on our and other departments fire apparatus.  Serving since  2010

Captain Martin  AKA Bam Bam, grew up  in Craig, Colorado. He did a stint as a fire cadet at age 16 there . He holds CDFPC/IFSAC Certifications: Firefighter 1 : Hazmat Operations : FireFighter ll : Driver/Operator.  He is also Ice Rescue certified and wild land Firefighter l and S231 Engine Boss Trainee.  His "other" job (besides husband and father) is at Henderson Mill. He also serves on the MERT team. Serving Since 2010

Lieutenant Russell AKA Lt. Braids, is a from Morrison, Colorado.   She serves as H.S.S.P's Training Officer.  She is also a CDFPC Regional Proctor for the area as well as a member of the Colorado Fire Training Officers Association and Ambassador for the national Volunteer Firefighter Council. Her passion for the fire service is undeniable. CDFPC/IFSAC certifications: Firefighter 1, 2: Hazmat Operations: Fire Instructor 1: 1403 Live Burn Instructor: Fire Officer 1 and 2. She is currently working on  Instructor 2.   She is also a Wild Land Firefighter 1, S219 Firing ops Trainee, mitigation specialist, S270 Air ops as well other wild land certifications.

 Her "other" job (besides wife and mom) is the owner of  a home based travel agency.  Serving Since  2011