The Firefighter of the year award  goes to the crew member who exemplifies duty and commitment to the department during the year. Most training attended, most calls responded to, taking on addition training/classes and duties at the station.

This year the award was presented to Lieutenant Toni Russell. "This firefighter did not miss one training the entire year, responded to the most calls, only missing 3 of them.  Took it upon herself to pursue her Fire Instructor and Live burn Instructor certification this past year.  She is committed to being the best firefighter she can for our department, crew and community. I could not be prouder of Lt. Russell. " Chief said in his speech.

Lt. Russell accepted the award and told the crew members to try  to take this award from her this upcoming year. "I want that to be a challenge to the crew. To take it from me, they need to respond and train  like I do. I really want all of them to strive to be the best they can. I love this crew." explained Lt Russell.



Hot Sulphur Fire would like to CONGRATULATE Lt. Toni Russell. She was chosen by Honeywell 1st Responders and Penwell to receive a full ride scholarship to F.D.I.C 2017.

There are only 20 firefighter scholarship recipients chosen. This is the worlds largest Firefighter Instructor conference. Over 34k+ firefighters attend this conference.  We are very proud.

After a very long wait and after she spec'ed out  different props, Training Officer Lt. Russell has finally received  the forcible entry prop for our station. It is an amazing tool for training our firefighters in the art that is forcible entry.  We plan on making a video in the coming weeks with the prop. Stay tuned for our new video section.

Congratulations to Hanlon for passing both her State written,Live fire practicals, hazmat written and JPRs.  She is now a certified Colorado State Firefighter /Hazmat Ops.

Way to go Hanlon. 

Luchs has passed his live fire practical and JPRs and his Hazmat written and JPRs. He has 1 more written exam  (firefighter 1 )  to obtain his Colorado State Firefighter 1 certification

Strong work you two. We are proud of you both!

Congratulations to Chief Baumgarten for completing his Fire Officer I certification. We are lucky to have a dedicated Chief like you that leads form the front.

Chief Baumgarten decided it was time to  have a Chiefs Award. This award would go to firefighters/officers that have improved in their previous years participation in the department.

e.g;  more calls, classes,  training,  events etc.

The inaugural award was given to Firefighter Sylvia Calhoun. Her huge improvement in training and call attendance was incredible from previous years.  "Her passion for the job came back these past couple of years. I am proud and honored to  have her on the department" said Chief Baumgarten.

"I never expected anything like this. I'm so happy and proud to be the first ever Chiefs Award winner", replied Calhoun.