The Firefighter of the year award  goes to the crew member who exemplifies duty and commitment to the department during the year. The award is an appreciation for that person stepping out of their comfort zone, bettering themselves and the department by their dedication to improvement of themselves.

This year the award was presented to Firefighter Sylvia Calhoun. "This firefighter really stepped up their attendance this year. She attended the FireWomen Conference as well as a Hazmat  air monitoring course.  She is committed to being the best firefighter she can for our department, crew and community. I could not be prouder of  Sylvia . " Chief said in his speech.

The coveted Chiefs Award for Excellence was is presented to  crew member of the Chiefs choice. This award goes to the the crew member whom really stood out during the year. Showing initiative, leadership ,teamwork, training and responding.

This year the award was presented to Fire Cadet Matthew Stein. "Matt is an amazing example of dedication. This year at the age of 17, Matt received his first Colorado State Fire certification. He is now holds Fire and Life Safety Educator 1. He attended most all of the trainings, and had  good number of incidents responded too. We could not be prouder of Matt and we look forward to a very bright future for him."

Congratulations to both Calhoun and Stein for their accomplishments this year!

Hot Sulphur Springs Parshall FPD had their annual appreciation and awards banquet Friday, December 15, 2017.

It was a fantastic night with the crew, the board members and their families. Chief Baumgarten brought the board members up and thanked them for all of their hard work this past year. He presented them all with 5.11 winter jackets. He reported that they will break ground on water storage at the Parshall Station this next year. He also updated everyone on the AFG grant we were awarded. We have already received and installed the brand new  breathing air compressor and fill station. The new MSA G1 SCBA's and tanks should be arriving  January or February.

He then brought up our 3 Fire Cadets. Sparrows, Demattos and Stein. He gave them all high marks on their progress so far and presented each of them with their personalized jackets. After the cadets, all of the firefighters were brought up individually and Chief congratulated each of them on their strong work this past year. They all were given their personaliazed 5.11 jackets as well.

Time for the Awards presentations:
The top 2 firefighters that answered the most calls were: Lt. Toni Russell with 64 and Firefighter Clint Becker with 47. They were each presented with thin red line custom made shadow boxes with their names. Chief thanked the two of them for their sacrifices and dedication to the department.

Drum Roll Please: