The H.S.S.P  Fire Cadet Program is an important outreach to the community. Program participation provides high school students an opportunity to gain an introduction and exposure to the fire service profession. For some this experience may be the foundation to a future career, but that desire is not a requirement for participation.  This is a work exposure program with the intent to couple education with exposure.
The depth of the experience and extent of instruction will depend on the desire and commitment of the student. We want our Cadets to be enthused about their position and engage with company members to create a great experience.

Our company officers and personnel will assure two things to our Cadets;

  •  Provide for a meaningful education and work experience exposure to occupational situations
  •  Provide for the safety of the student in training and emergency environments. In all cases the safety and welfare of the student is to be the first consideration.

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The District does not provide any pay compensation to the Cadet for participation in the program.
Fire Cadets will be advised of and shall abide by all administrative policies that apply to conduct and daily operating procedures of the H.S.S.P Fire Protection District. The continuing enrollment in the cadet program shall be contingent upon good behavior and grades
Fire Cadets shall obtain the required uniform/tee shirt and it shall be worn at all times during the hours of any training at the Fire Department
Fire Cadets may accompany on-duty personnel on emergency responses with restrictions to protect the student.
Fire Cadets shall be under the direct supervision of District personnel at all times

Selection into and completion of the Cadet program no way insures the future volunteer position within the H.S.S.P Fire Protection District.

Please see Cadet Packet for all rules, expectations and requirements

Hot Sulphur Springs- Parshall Fire Protection District