We value the history and the tradition of the Hot Sulphur Springs-Parshall Volunteer Fire Department, an organization built upon the strong shoulders of our past that has prepared us for the future.  Members of the  Department are well suited to lead the way – with the continued purpose of serving our community and the vision to provide a contemporary, dynamic, and sustainable fire and emergency responder services.

Within the Fire Department, we take pride in many things that make us “Who we are.” Things like:

  • Our outstanding commitment to our community and district


  • Our continued focus on meeting the emergency response needs of the community


  • Our belief that we are a part of the community we serve


  • Our commitment to providing the finest training to our personnel


  • The family atmosphere that permeates the organization


  • Our dedication to our Mission Statement

These statements set the tone for the day-to-day activities and actions that regulate how we wish to perform. The Department is made up of many individuals, with a variety of different skill sets and levels of training, all working together to serve the residents, businesses, and visitors of this fine community.

I am proud of the members of this Department. I have watched them perform heroic deeds and monumental acts of kindness & compassion while fighting to remain outside of the limelight.  Time and time again our members just indicate, “I was just doing my job and what I was trained to do.” 

Click around and learn more about the services we provide and the projects we are working to make Hot Sulphur Springs and Parshall, a great place to live and work.  We are a vibrant fire department that values our past, understands the present, and embraces the challenges of the future. We are committed to providing the citizens of our district we proudly serve with the best service possible.

In closing, our promise to all that we serve is that we will always be prepared to respond to your needs, day or night, with professionalism, compassion, and respect regardless of the situation you may find yourself in.


Thomas Baumgarten



Hot Sulphur Springs- Parshall Fire Protection District